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Luke Lazarus knows what it means to start and grow a successful business. Born in Perth, Australia, Luke is now based in Melbourne, where he works as an entrepreneur and startup business consultant as CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting. Luke’s passion is simple – to help startups get off the ground and accelerate their growth.

Luke knows there are many challenges to running a startup. Graduating from Melbourne Business School with an MBA at the age of 24, he had successfully launched, grown, and sold four firms by the time he was 33. He enjoys the startup process so much he decided he would shift his focus to helping new and struggling startups by identifying the issues hindering their progress and helping them adjust their business plan and projections to better suit their goals.

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Luke Lazarus

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Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur, business strategist and consultant. He is recognized as one of that city’s most prolific entrepreneurs, having sold four businesses by the time he was just 33. Today, Lazarus spends most of his time on his thriving consulting business, helping clients to better compete in an ever-changing marketplace.