The Real Cost of Social Media Promotion from Luke Lazarus Consulting

Stay up to date with marketing trends for the Millennial age. Learn what to expect and how to navigate the process of influencer marketing. Eat your heart out Dale Carnegie!

Driving Sales in the Millennial Era Using Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Luke Lazarus Consulting has a question for you: Are you still relying on Dale Carnegie for your sales strategies? Step into the age of the Millennial and learn about Influencer marketing with this introductory video.

Luke Lazarus To Business Owners: The Importance of Embracing Online Reviews

Luke Lazarus of Melbourne consulting agency, Luke Lazarus Consulting, explains why all businesses — from start-ups to enterprise corporations — should carefully look after their online reviews and embrace todays digital culture of feedback.

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Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne-based business consultant with a focus on marketing. CEOs along Australia’s southeastern coast benefit from his …

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Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur, business strategist and consultant. He is recognized as one of that city’s most prolific entrepreneurs, having sold four businesses by the time he was just 33. Today, Lazarus spends most of his time on his thriving consulting business, helping clients to better compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant – INTERVIEW

Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant based in Melbourne with a steady track record spanning two decades of successful partnerships building business plans, managing growth and offering insights to CEOs around Australia’s southeastern coast. Lazarus’ work as a consultant brings clarity in executing decisions for a brand’s next steps, helping to offer seasoned perspective while prioritizing important decisions.

Luke Lazarus – Sidestepping the Competition to Blaze New Trails

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Luke Lazarus helps companies go from zero to IPO

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How Founders Can Market Their Startup Themselves!

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Reap the Benefits of Influencer Marketing

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus Startup Consultant

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